7.1     All complaints and requests for return, refund or exchange Product sold on the Platform will the in accordance with the “Return/Refund and Exchange Policy”. Buyer can lodge complaint or request for return or refund via Banago Platform However, Buyer will not be eligible to request to return refund or replacement in the event of frivolous, or baseless complaints regarding the delivery or quality of the Product.

7.2     Buyer shall ensure that the purchased Product is returned to the Supplier within fourteen (14) days from date of receipt of Product by the Buyer in the event Buyer raises Request to return such product due to the reasons mentioned in the Return and Refund Policy.  

Please refer to Banago’s Return and Refund Policy as stated in the Platform.

7.3    Buyer agrees that any refund shall be net of any commissions and other benefits paid or payable by Banago or otherwise received by Buyer pertaining to the purchase of the refund Product.