6.1     Delivery of the Product shall be made by the authorised LSP appointed by the Seller or person authorized by the Seller to the address specified by the Buyer in the order. Buyers need to verify shipping address before payment made for the order to ensure that the Product is delivered to the correct address.

6.2    Seller shall ensure that the purchased Product is delivered to the Buyer within fourteen (14) days from date of the payment made by the Buyer. 

6.3    Title of the Product will pass to the Buyer when the Product purchased delivered or tendered delivered to the Buyer and full amount of money for the Product received by Seller via online payment. Upon delivery, the Buyer is deemed to have accepted the Product. The risk of loss shall pass on to the Buyer upon delivery of the Product.

6.4    In the event Seller failed to deliver the Product within fourteen (14) the Buyer shall be entitled to terminate the Agreement and claim for refund in respect of the undelivered Product. The Seller will process the request and refund whatever amount paid within seven (7) working days from the date of receipt of the Request as well as the bank processing schedule whichever is later.

6.5    Buyer shall be responsible for the charges in the event the Seller is unable to deliver the Product to Buyer despite Supplier or Logistic Service Provider’s two (2) attempts to deliver such Product due to Buyer’s failure to take delivery for reasons other than the Seller’s fault. Due to such failure to take delivery, the purchase made will be cancelled and Buyer shall be liable to pay delivery charges to the Seller for the delivery attempts and liable to Banago for any loss of any fee or charges that Banago should have earned. Buyers acknowledge that such damages or loss suffered by Banago are not consequential or indirect.